About Us

Growth and downturn. Boom and bust. High and low. Economic and business cycles are in constant flux, driving change and have a lasting impact on industry structures, the role of technology, customer behavior, the creation, and the destruction of markets. It is a tall order for any firm to deal with this paradigm as it strives to maintain its survival. Organizations need a trusted partner who will help them navigate through these ever changing conditions. UNISON CONTROLS PVT LTD has not only survived these cycles in the last fifteen years but has also remained true to its end users and techno-commercial way helped them weather these economic uncertainties.

We are dedicated to the belief that client are our most important asset. Whatever the nature of the challenge, whether meeting the quality assurance needs of our customers, it is our passionate, committed and empowered product which ultimately make the difference. TRUST IS AT THE CORE OF ALL ETHICAL BUSINESS DEALINGS. Trust that others will do as they say and trust that we will live up to our commitments. One key to building trust is being transparent in the way we communicate with others, and by providing timely and accurate information.

Our long lasting team-work, emotions and healthy relationship with workers shows development and consistency of our product.

Advantages of SSR over contactor

  • Zero Voltage Turn-On
  • No contact arcing, low EMI, high surge capability
  • High resistance to shock and vibration
  • High resistance to aggressive chemicals and dust
  • No electromechanical noise
  • Logic compatibility
  • Fast switching
  • Low coupling capacitance
  • Long Life and high reliability more than 1010 cycle operations
  • Increases system temperature accuracy
  • Unique Input & Output LED indication gives heater failure status & increases surge current / voltage capacity.

Limitations of SSR

  • Contact voltage drop
  • Do not have potential free contacts
  • Do not have multiple contacts in one modules
  • Having Leakage currents
  • Heat sink is must for heat dissipation for current more than 3Amp